Friday, January 11, 2008

Online casino and traditional casino comparison

If you compare online casino with traditional casinos, then you may find the purpose of both of these is same but they are totally different from each other. The traditional casinos are still considered as status symbol and are for super riches, as compare to online casinos where anyone can test is luck comfortably without investing too much of money. For casinos owners, the cost of running a online casino is very low as compare to traditional casino. They only thing they have to worry about in case of online casino is security. If you are choosing any online casino, just checkout my recent post [] for the same.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Scrap all orkut friends without any ads or links

There are lots of communities in orkut which allows you to send scrap to all of your friends in one go. This is basically done by using javascript and HTML. If you join their community then they will provide you a script which could be used for scribbling all of your friends. When you use them they all shows links to their communities as ads in the scraps. You can use this utility without any extra ads of links. Just follow the below instructions.

  1. Download the script from this link and host it where ever you like. You can also use it from same location.
  2. Login to you orkut account.
  3. Copy and paste the following line into the address bar and hit the enter:
    javascript:d=document;c=d.createElement('script'); d.body.appendChild(c); c.src='<script location>';void(0)
    javascript:d=document;c=d.createElement('script'); d.body.appendChild(c); c.src='';void(0)
  4. Wait for the friends list to populate. After this, just write down the scrap and send it to all your friends.

This script is not created by me. Most of the communities are using the same script. It just took it and removed ads from it.