Sunday, November 18, 2007

Windows Vista styles controls

I recently decided to put some vista style controls source code on my open source web site OpenWinForms. Today I posted one control under this section, Vista style Progress bar. Its about how can you create a vista style looking progress bar using winforms in .net.

This is how this look. You can specify three different theme color to control its visual appearance.

I will keep on posting new controls in this section as I get new ideas.

Friday, November 16, 2007

How e-commerce Works?

Ecommerce stands for Electronic Commerce, is something where a business customer purchase anything like good, services etc. on the Internet using electronic medium like credits cards. The purpose of this is to make the purchase over Internet fast and easy. At anytime, whether its day or night; from anywhere whether its USA or India; anyone can go to Internet and make purchase online. This really brings the world closer. This is how it works:

  • Customer visit a merchant's web site.
  • He purchase something and make online transaction.
  • Payment gateways handles his transaction and make the whole process secure.
  • Merchant process the customer payment and funds debited from the customer account to merchant's account.

From a business prospective view, they have to integrate ecommerce software into their product in order to make it available for online selling. This integration could be a custom solution for their web site, or they can use readymade services available on Internet like shopping cart software, third party payment gateway. In a recent post "Sell your products online using shopping cart software" I already wrote some benefits of using third party integration.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Making money from your blog

I recently posted an articles describing describing "How do we get paid for blogging?". There are lots of sites which allows us to register and writing paid reviews for their advertisers. In this post I want to cover one of the site under this category, bloggerwave. This is one of the several good options for you if you want to make money from your blog. Their approval process is quite easy. Also unlike to some sites its not necessary that your posts should be English. They also supports Spanish, German, Italien, Swedish, Norwegian, French depending on advertiser. I registered to them couple of day ago. So far this looks good.

Don't have enough space for your TV?

In big cities the houses are generally small due to very high rates of properties. Affording a big house with enough space is not an easy deal. People generally have problems in setup furniture and equipments all together. Here comes the best utilization of space. Television is one of common thing which almost every one have. It covers a lots of space of the room. The best way of putting TV is to use wall brackets for it. Using a wall bracket can help effectively utilize you room space. You can easily find sony tv wall brackets online. A plasma television takes less space as compared to a normal CRT television as it can be adjust against the wall. These wall brackets can also be used to plasma televisions. Moreover you can have other brackets like mount arm wall bracket, plasma/LCD/TV wall bracket, 3 directional LCD Screen wall bracket, multi-directional wall bracket etc. Just choose the right wall bracket for you need and type of television and avoid the compromise from you room space.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Choose right loan for your need

A loan is very easy way of completing our wishes before we earn that amount. There are several benefits of loans, but some limitations too. Loans has really made our lives easy and cool. But if we see other side of loan then its like a postpaid saving, in which we get the saving amount first and we keep on making saving for this in future. The benefit is we have the money in advance but limitation is we need to pay the interest rate for this. We can choose a right loan depending on the requirement.

Personal Loan - A personal is a small period loan ranging from 3 months to 4 years. Its generally a large amount and basically for your bigger cash needs.

Payday Loan - A Payday Loan is very quick and easy loan. Payday Loans sometimes referred as payday check advance or payday advance, is a very short period loan. Its generally for small amount. Its called as payday loan because you have to repay this till you next salary day. They are for your urgent needs for which you don't have money in hand but you are sure you can pay those from you coming salary of following month. These kind of loans can be taken online also.

Interests only Loan - This is a special type of loan in which you principal loan amount remains same. You only need to pay the interest for the time period you have taken the loan. And at the end you will pay the principal amount. This loan is beneficial when you can't afford the big EMIs but you know that in near future you are going to get that amount. These loans are good for investment purposes.

There are some others loans which are very specific to to their areas and they don't give you cash. e.g. Car loans, home loans, education loans etc.

How do we get paid for blogging?

There are lots of web sites which can pay you for blogging. For this you have to write sponsored reviews about the topics as told by them (like one I am writing :) ) in your blog. To do this you must have a nicely maintained blog. Good pagerank and traffic can increase the amount you can earn out of it. Sponsored post is different way for advertise on blogs. How this system actually works? How they managed to pay us $5 to $20 per post on an average?

All the sites under this category have one advertiser's section, which is the actual source of income for them and bloggers. They actually earns commission from what they get from advertisers. Now if we see all three sides of this business then:

Advertiser: Gets lost of reviews written for his product which makes his site more popular and optimized for search engines which drive lots of traffic to his site. The more traffic he have the more new customers he will get.

Bloggers: Get paid for writing sponsors reviews. Usually its a good amount and worth the effort put for making the sponsored post.

Paying web site: Earn money from the commission out of the amount paid to blogger by advertiser (Advertisers don't pay directly for bloggers but pay on basis on number of posted written for them).

I recently started posting sponsored reviews on my blog. Will keep on posting about my experience. So far I didn't make any money.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Online Casino: Which one to choose?

Online casino has become very popular now a days. Lost of people invest money for gambling in casinos. Some play for making real money and some play because they have lots of money. I know a guy who earned about $8000 once, but at the same time I know another guy who lost his whole income in gambling. All the way it must be real fun.

There are lots of web sites for playing casino online. You must be careful before choosing a web site. There are several factors based on which you could select any online casino. But there are some points you should keep in mind before using it:

Security: Since you are playing online and making/receiving  your payment through web sites, the security should be the most important concern. You could get into trouble for any misuse of you credits card or credentials.

Welcome bonus: Most of the casino offers welcome bonus which will be given to you after you sign up and start using their service.

Games rules: You must have the proper knowledge about the rules of the games you are playing. Lack of knowledge could lead to waste of your money.

Sell your products online using shopping cart software

If you want to sell your products online, but you don't have sufficient resources like technical staff, credits card gateways etc. then the most easiest way is to integrate with a third party application for shopping cart software. They are really easy to integrate and use. They can be work with html pages also.

Here are some benefits you will get if you use a third party ecommerce software solution:

Less investment: Its might be risky to spend your money on making you own application just for shopping cart. So its better to try easy solution first rather to directly invest.

Paypal/Credit Card Gateway: You don't have to buy and integrate your application to credit card gateway for online payments. This will not only saves your money but also gives to securely implemented payment processing system.

Inventory management: This will also help you in managing your inventory system and can warn you before you run out of stock.

So depending on the requirement you can choose the best shopping cart solution for your web site.

OpenWinForms in top stories of

As you know I am running an open source web site for windows forms and controls - Openwinforms. Recently I submitted this link to Dotnetkicks. Today I got surprised when I see this in the top stories listed on the home page of the dotnetkicks. Moreover this is listed on the top of the list(For those who don't know about dotnetkicks, its a digg like site for .net links). Its truly a great feeling to see this. Here is the screen shot of dotnetkicks:

Atleast till its there in the home page, it will keep on driving traffic to my site :).

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Create your talking picture... Really funny!!

If want to create your funny talking picture, then you must visit this online service blabberize. To start just signup or use guest account for logging in and upload any image with visible face. You will se a flash based online tool. In this you needs to locate the mouth of the image.

Then record the voice which you want to play on you character and finally save the whole thing. Your blabber is ready to use. Just test this once to make sure that its working fine. You can share or embed this in you web site. They also support integration with facbook.

I created one with mickey as a character. see this below (Click on pink button to play).