Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Choose your email domain name on CoolHotmail

Yesterday while I was watching television, I saw a commercial of Windows Live Hotmail's new product CoolHotmail. This actually allows your create an email address on Windows Live Hotmail in which you can choose any of the more than 100 listed domain names based on different categories. It gives you email id with new and uncommon domain name instead of the same old <yourid>@hotmail.com. Seems a nice concept.

Moreover if you have got your own domain name then you can go for Windows Live Custom Domains, very much same like the Google Apps.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

OpenWinForms - Some feedbacks

I am running an open source web site for winforms controls and source code - OpenWinForms. The idea of this site was to make contribution to the open source for all the help(source code/articles) I have taken from it so far and I will take in future. Though its a very small contribution but I want to go long way. I don't know what could be its future.

This had very few articles right now, but I always wanted to put more and more articles on this. I have received some good feedback by some developers by email/blog which is motivating me to post more articles on this. Some of them also suggested me bugs/changes in this code. All these thing make feel good.

I want to share some..

"Simply Awesome. I'm out of Words. You have made my rather Simple Application an Eye Candy. Thanks... "
- Sukhjinder

"Nice panel. You forgot to think about one thing thoug. If you put a control on the panel and you dock so that it fills the panel then you will fill it over the shadow... "
- Laufdal

"Very good initiative with winforms. What are your plans for taking it ahead. It would be great if we can have lot of open source controls on lines provided by devexpress/infragistics. Do let me know if I can be of any help in contributing towards this cause. "
- Ramjee Ganti

"Thanks a lot for this great control.  I am using it in our application and it is fantastic!...... I also fixed a small bug that would cause the designer to go haywire if you set RoundCornerRadius to 0."
- Matthew Lowrance

Wednesday, October 3, 2007