Monday, September 24, 2007

Firefox Web Developer: A must toolbar for web developers

"Web developer" is basically a Firefox add-on, which comes in a bundle of lot of web developer tool. This supports almost anything thing you want do with web pages like edit CSS on fly, edit html, meta tag information, view hidden elements, borders, images info, forms, cookies.... and lot more. You can easily extract styles, scripts or images from other web pages. I recommend this for a web developer. This could save lots of time which actually involves change in designer code and compile and view again and again.

The best part I liked about this is edit the html on the fly and see your changes immediately.


Download this from here.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Online diagrams, flow charts, network diagram etc.

Whenever creating any presentation, writing any specs doc or creating any technical doc you always need flow diagrams, flow charts, network diagram etc. I mostly use word to design all these as I don't have a Visio license. I am really happy to see a new online diagram creating web site Best4C. Its created in flash and is really cool. You can design a lots of things from flow charts, network diagram, shaped.. to home design, office layout and even road maps.

The best part is that it is an online tool. I really hate to install utility software for every small need, so I always prefer some online solution for these problems.

Find free windows controls here.