Thursday, August 23, 2007

Cheapest domain names and hosting stuff

I was analyzing domain name and web hosting purchasing and their price comparison over Internet sometimes before. Here are the cheapest price I ever found:


For cheapest .com domain name Netfirms is offering lowest price. Just $ 4.95/year, however for second year renew you have to pay regular price.


For cheapest .info domain name scs-domains is offering lowest price. Just $1.99/year. Earlier the was offering this lowest price just $ 0.99/year but now I can't see this offer on their web site.


For cheapest + php hosting ServerSea is offering very low prices starting from just 1.79/month. And amazing thing is that they are also giving one free domain name on registration. The deal looks very good but I don't have any idea about their support and maintenance.


Check out for your need and find the cheapest.

Find free C# controls here.


Sarah Darkmagic said...

Thanks for the great list Ramesh, I'll definitely have to check them out. What I normally do is find a domain name provider or host I like and then check out sites like to see if I can save even more money.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your information.Godaddy site is nice.
But My friend suggested the Tucktail.Because, we can buy a domain name with low cost.And increase the online visibility, free hosting service etc.,He recommended to the Tucktail only.

kyle said...

Reviews , witch are a great useful “tool” for deciding , for taking the decision witch web-hosting should I choose. And it seems it’s indeed realistic reviews.

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