Monday, December 31, 2007

Search care homes online

You can search for care homes online here for you loved ones. This provide you easy online access to available options locally. If you have any questions regarding their services just ask them, they will get back to you.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Create robot hand in just 20 min

Create robot hand in just 20 min using strings.

[Use It!]

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Windows Vista styles controls

I recently decided to put some vista style controls source code on my open source web site OpenWinForms. Today I posted one control under this section, Vista style Progress bar. Its about how can you create a vista style looking progress bar using winforms in .net.

This is how this look. You can specify three different theme color to control its visual appearance.

I will keep on posting new controls in this section as I get new ideas.

Friday, November 16, 2007

How e-commerce Works?

Ecommerce stands for Electronic Commerce, is something where a business customer purchase anything like good, services etc. on the Internet using electronic medium like credits cards. The purpose of this is to make the purchase over Internet fast and easy. At anytime, whether its day or night; from anywhere whether its USA or India; anyone can go to Internet and make purchase online. This really brings the world closer. This is how it works:

  • Customer visit a merchant's web site.
  • He purchase something and make online transaction.
  • Payment gateways handles his transaction and make the whole process secure.
  • Merchant process the customer payment and funds debited from the customer account to merchant's account.

From a business prospective view, they have to integrate ecommerce software into their product in order to make it available for online selling. This integration could be a custom solution for their web site, or they can use readymade services available on Internet like shopping cart software, third party payment gateway. In a recent post "Sell your products online using shopping cart software" I already wrote some benefits of using third party integration.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Making money from your blog

I recently posted an articles describing describing "How do we get paid for blogging?". There are lots of sites which allows us to register and writing paid reviews for their advertisers. In this post I want to cover one of the site under this category, bloggerwave. This is one of the several good options for you if you want to make money from your blog. Their approval process is quite easy. Also unlike to some sites its not necessary that your posts should be English. They also supports Spanish, German, Italien, Swedish, Norwegian, French depending on advertiser. I registered to them couple of day ago. So far this looks good.

Don't have enough space for your TV?

In big cities the houses are generally small due to very high rates of properties. Affording a big house with enough space is not an easy deal. People generally have problems in setup furniture and equipments all together. Here comes the best utilization of space. Television is one of common thing which almost every one have. It covers a lots of space of the room. The best way of putting TV is to use wall brackets for it. Using a wall bracket can help effectively utilize you room space. You can easily find sony tv wall brackets online. A plasma television takes less space as compared to a normal CRT television as it can be adjust against the wall. These wall brackets can also be used to plasma televisions. Moreover you can have other brackets like mount arm wall bracket, plasma/LCD/TV wall bracket, 3 directional LCD Screen wall bracket, multi-directional wall bracket etc. Just choose the right wall bracket for you need and type of television and avoid the compromise from you room space.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Choose right loan for your need

A loan is very easy way of completing our wishes before we earn that amount. There are several benefits of loans, but some limitations too. Loans has really made our lives easy and cool. But if we see other side of loan then its like a postpaid saving, in which we get the saving amount first and we keep on making saving for this in future. The benefit is we have the money in advance but limitation is we need to pay the interest rate for this. We can choose a right loan depending on the requirement.

Personal Loan - A personal is a small period loan ranging from 3 months to 4 years. Its generally a large amount and basically for your bigger cash needs.

Payday Loan - A Payday Loan is very quick and easy loan. Payday Loans sometimes referred as payday check advance or payday advance, is a very short period loan. Its generally for small amount. Its called as payday loan because you have to repay this till you next salary day. They are for your urgent needs for which you don't have money in hand but you are sure you can pay those from you coming salary of following month. These kind of loans can be taken online also.

Interests only Loan - This is a special type of loan in which you principal loan amount remains same. You only need to pay the interest for the time period you have taken the loan. And at the end you will pay the principal amount. This loan is beneficial when you can't afford the big EMIs but you know that in near future you are going to get that amount. These loans are good for investment purposes.

There are some others loans which are very specific to to their areas and they don't give you cash. e.g. Car loans, home loans, education loans etc.

How do we get paid for blogging?

There are lots of web sites which can pay you for blogging. For this you have to write sponsored reviews about the topics as told by them (like one I am writing :) ) in your blog. To do this you must have a nicely maintained blog. Good pagerank and traffic can increase the amount you can earn out of it. Sponsored post is different way for advertise on blogs. How this system actually works? How they managed to pay us $5 to $20 per post on an average?

All the sites under this category have one advertiser's section, which is the actual source of income for them and bloggers. They actually earns commission from what they get from advertisers. Now if we see all three sides of this business then:

Advertiser: Gets lost of reviews written for his product which makes his site more popular and optimized for search engines which drive lots of traffic to his site. The more traffic he have the more new customers he will get.

Bloggers: Get paid for writing sponsors reviews. Usually its a good amount and worth the effort put for making the sponsored post.

Paying web site: Earn money from the commission out of the amount paid to blogger by advertiser (Advertisers don't pay directly for bloggers but pay on basis on number of posted written for them).

I recently started posting sponsored reviews on my blog. Will keep on posting about my experience. So far I didn't make any money.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Online Casino: Which one to choose?

Online casino has become very popular now a days. Lost of people invest money for gambling in casinos. Some play for making real money and some play because they have lots of money. I know a guy who earned about $8000 once, but at the same time I know another guy who lost his whole income in gambling. All the way it must be real fun.

There are lots of web sites for playing casino online. You must be careful before choosing a web site. There are several factors based on which you could select any online casino. But there are some points you should keep in mind before using it:

Security: Since you are playing online and making/receiving  your payment through web sites, the security should be the most important concern. You could get into trouble for any misuse of you credits card or credentials.

Welcome bonus: Most of the casino offers welcome bonus which will be given to you after you sign up and start using their service.

Games rules: You must have the proper knowledge about the rules of the games you are playing. Lack of knowledge could lead to waste of your money.

Sell your products online using shopping cart software

If you want to sell your products online, but you don't have sufficient resources like technical staff, credits card gateways etc. then the most easiest way is to integrate with a third party application for shopping cart software. They are really easy to integrate and use. They can be work with html pages also.

Here are some benefits you will get if you use a third party ecommerce software solution:

Less investment: Its might be risky to spend your money on making you own application just for shopping cart. So its better to try easy solution first rather to directly invest.

Paypal/Credit Card Gateway: You don't have to buy and integrate your application to credit card gateway for online payments. This will not only saves your money but also gives to securely implemented payment processing system.

Inventory management: This will also help you in managing your inventory system and can warn you before you run out of stock.

So depending on the requirement you can choose the best shopping cart solution for your web site.

OpenWinForms in top stories of

As you know I am running an open source web site for windows forms and controls - Openwinforms. Recently I submitted this link to Dotnetkicks. Today I got surprised when I see this in the top stories listed on the home page of the dotnetkicks. Moreover this is listed on the top of the list(For those who don't know about dotnetkicks, its a digg like site for .net links). Its truly a great feeling to see this. Here is the screen shot of dotnetkicks:

Atleast till its there in the home page, it will keep on driving traffic to my site :).

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Create your talking picture... Really funny!!

If want to create your funny talking picture, then you must visit this online service blabberize. To start just signup or use guest account for logging in and upload any image with visible face. You will se a flash based online tool. In this you needs to locate the mouth of the image.

Then record the voice which you want to play on you character and finally save the whole thing. Your blabber is ready to use. Just test this once to make sure that its working fine. You can share or embed this in you web site. They also support integration with facbook.

I created one with mickey as a character. see this below (Click on pink button to play).

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Choose your email domain name on CoolHotmail

Yesterday while I was watching television, I saw a commercial of Windows Live Hotmail's new product CoolHotmail. This actually allows your create an email address on Windows Live Hotmail in which you can choose any of the more than 100 listed domain names based on different categories. It gives you email id with new and uncommon domain name instead of the same old <yourid> Seems a nice concept.

Moreover if you have got your own domain name then you can go for Windows Live Custom Domains, very much same like the Google Apps.

Saturday, October 6, 2007

OpenWinForms - Some feedbacks

I am running an open source web site for winforms controls and source code - OpenWinForms. The idea of this site was to make contribution to the open source for all the help(source code/articles) I have taken from it so far and I will take in future. Though its a very small contribution but I want to go long way. I don't know what could be its future.

This had very few articles right now, but I always wanted to put more and more articles on this. I have received some good feedback by some developers by email/blog which is motivating me to post more articles on this. Some of them also suggested me bugs/changes in this code. All these thing make feel good.

I want to share some..

"Simply Awesome. I'm out of Words. You have made my rather Simple Application an Eye Candy. Thanks... "
- Sukhjinder

"Nice panel. You forgot to think about one thing thoug. If you put a control on the panel and you dock so that it fills the panel then you will fill it over the shadow... "
- Laufdal

"Very good initiative with winforms. What are your plans for taking it ahead. It would be great if we can have lot of open source controls on lines provided by devexpress/infragistics. Do let me know if I can be of any help in contributing towards this cause. "
- Ramjee Ganti

"Thanks a lot for this great control.  I am using it in our application and it is fantastic!...... I also fixed a small bug that would cause the designer to go haywire if you set RoundCornerRadius to 0."
- Matthew Lowrance

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Monday, September 24, 2007

Firefox Web Developer: A must toolbar for web developers

"Web developer" is basically a Firefox add-on, which comes in a bundle of lot of web developer tool. This supports almost anything thing you want do with web pages like edit CSS on fly, edit html, meta tag information, view hidden elements, borders, images info, forms, cookies.... and lot more. You can easily extract styles, scripts or images from other web pages. I recommend this for a web developer. This could save lots of time which actually involves change in designer code and compile and view again and again.

The best part I liked about this is edit the html on the fly and see your changes immediately.


Download this from here.

Monday, September 3, 2007

Online diagrams, flow charts, network diagram etc.

Whenever creating any presentation, writing any specs doc or creating any technical doc you always need flow diagrams, flow charts, network diagram etc. I mostly use word to design all these as I don't have a Visio license. I am really happy to see a new online diagram creating web site Best4C. Its created in flash and is really cool. You can design a lots of things from flow charts, network diagram, shaped.. to home design, office layout and even road maps.

The best part is that it is an online tool. I really hate to install utility software for every small need, so I always prefer some online solution for these problems.

Find free windows controls here.

Friday, August 24, 2007

Need web site screen shot? Thumbalizr may help you

Thumbalizr is a new tool on Internet that allows its user to take screen shot of web sites for free which could be further used for documentation and presentations. Its very simple to use.. no login required and work directly from home page. Moreover that user has option to take the screen shot of whole page or only screen view with different resolutions as needed. The one thing I don't like about this is that its damn slow. This is currently in alpha phase, so no idea how long they will go.

Here is the thumb of my blog taken using thumbalizr:

Thursday, August 23, 2007

This is what called a smart image resizing

Cheapest domain names and hosting stuff

I was analyzing domain name and web hosting purchasing and their price comparison over Internet sometimes before. Here are the cheapest price I ever found:


For cheapest .com domain name Netfirms is offering lowest price. Just $ 4.95/year, however for second year renew you have to pay regular price.


For cheapest .info domain name scs-domains is offering lowest price. Just $1.99/year. Earlier the was offering this lowest price just $ 0.99/year but now I can't see this offer on their web site.


For cheapest + php hosting ServerSea is offering very low prices starting from just 1.79/month. And amazing thing is that they are also giving one free domain name on registration. The deal looks very good but I don't have any idea about their support and maintenance.


Check out for your need and find the cheapest.

Find free C# controls here.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Jooce - A web based OS

Jooce has introduced a new web system based on flash. They are promising to plug-in a whole new generation of mobile internet users. Its very simple just sign-up and start using this, however this is currently in beta phase. Its very much like Goowy, another flash based OS, but the review says Jooce is much better.

Users can have their private and public desktop. Public desktop can be shared with the friends and family.

Try Jooce here

Find free .net control here.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

Windows Live SkyDrive: Online storage

Windows live has launched online storage drive - SkyDrive. Its a centralize service which allows you to access your files and folders from anywhere, anytime you need.

Store files for yourself
Using multiple computers? No problem. Store and access your personal files from anywhere online.

Share files with friends Sharing with friends, co-workers, or family is easy when you all add and update files in a shared folder

Share files with the world
Some ideas are too good to keep to yourself. Share them in a public folder that only you can update.

Get Started

Friday, August 17, 2007

Google pack: Getting bigger

Google pack is getting bigger. Recently this also starts distributing Sun's Star Office. Its pretty good package consisting of lots of useful things. The thing I like most is the Picasa desktop version. I can very easily manage my photos and videos. So far this has following items:

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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Run exe from Html - using custom URL Protocol

Sometimes there is a business need of integrating you windows application with your web application in a manner that you can directly invoke your windows application from the web application with custom parameters.e.g. in yahoo, you can directly open the message windows of a user from web site by clicking on "Send IM".

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Sunday, August 5, 2007

A simple implementation of outlook style groupbox control

This article explains very simple implementation of a outlook style groupbox. This control also supports transparent background.

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Friday, July 20, 2007

OpenWinForm on google groups and blogger


OpenWinForms blog

Google groups:
Google Groups
Subscribe to Open-WinForms
Visit this group

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Office 2007 style Color Picker control - Free!!

Office 2007 has introduced lots of new features with new stylish and cool looking user interface which makes user richer experience. Office 2007 has a new style color picker which is really cool. You may want same kind of color picker in our application. This article explains how you can make one for your use or just directly use this one.

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Friday, July 13, 2007

Study Shows People Can Suppress Bad Thoughts

Research by neuroscientists shows that, with practice, people can suppress emotionally disturbing memories. Investigators say the finding could lead to therapies for individuals suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder. VOA's Jessica Berman reports.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Spammers Overcome the CAPTCHA?


CAPTCHA is basically helps is stopping spamming over the internet. This stands for "Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart". One story on internet says that some spammers has break the CAPTCHA system of hotmail and yahoo and using it for spamming.

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Monday, July 9, 2007

Financial systems 'riddled with security holes'

By Matthew Broersma, Techworld

Security weaknesses in the Financial Information Exchange (FIX) protocol have left many of the applications that power financial services companies vulnerable to attack, according to Matasano Security...

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Sunday, July 8, 2007

Infinite progress bar with transparency support - Stylish progess control

infinite progress bar
Lots of time we need to show infinite progress in our application where we are not sure of total time to be taken by the process for which we are showing the progress. For this we need infinite progress bar control. There are very few available on internet so I made one. This is really very stylish and cool.

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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

China to soon overtake India in offshoring?

Affordable rent, low-cost labor and population literacy are the main reasons why companies still prefer to set up their delivery centers in Indian cities such as Mumbai and Bangalore. But this offshoring trend is likely to change in the near future, according to an IDC study.

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Monday, July 2, 2007

Netscape is AOL and AOL is google, => Netscape is google

Isn't it amazing that Netscape search uses AOL search and AOL search uses Google search.
Here is the equation

Netscape search = AOL search
AOL search = Google search
=> Netscape search = AOL search = Google search

try Netscape search from here:

try AOL search from here:


Saturday, June 30, 2007

India Clears Biggest Fighter Jet Contract in 15 Years

India's government will soon invite bids to supply 126 fighter jets, valued by Lockheed Martin Corp. at about $9 billion, the biggest contract for combat planes in 15 years.

The government will build the majority of the jets in India through transfer of technology and buy the remainder from the U.S., Russian and European companies competing for the contract, the defense ministry said in an e-mailed statement. The defense ministry today cleared the procedure for purchasing the fighter jets for the Indian Air Force, the world's fourth-biggest...

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Thursday, June 28, 2007 - Open Win Forms - open source windows forms and controls, .net controls, c# controls, windows controls, free source code, C#, C Sharp, .NET, VB.NET, Windows control libraries, GUI, XML, VB, Windows controls

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Monday, June 18, 2007

Creating cool gradient Panel in Winform - .NET

This article will explain how we can create cool looking gradient panel with round corner in .net winforms using GDI+. This panel supports various customizable properties.

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Friday, June 8, 2007

How to tranform your TV into a piece of art!! Amazing!!

How to tranform your TV into a piece of art very easily. Sit back and relax....

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Put Windows Live AJAX search box on your site!! Cool!!

Put the power of Live Search on your very own website - without learning any actual code.The search box powered by Live Search provides a fast, customizable search solution for your website or blog. Visitors to your site can search the entire Web, just your site, or any sites that you choose.

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Google offers free Web Pages hosting

Hey guys you can free host your webpages on google web pages I have created a sample web site and its really working. I am planning to build the whole site using google pages. Try it!!

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Thursday, June 7, 2007

20 Tips for More Efficient Google Searches

google lego

For millions of people, Google is an indispensable search tool that they use every day, in all facets of their lives. From work or school, research, to looking up movies and celebrities to news and gossip, Google is the go-to search engine.

But instead of just typing in a phrase and wading through page after page of results, there are a number of ways to make your searches more efficient.

Some of these are obvious ones, that you probably know about. But others are lesser-known, and others are known but not often used. Use this guide to learn more about, or be reminded of, some of the best ways to get exactly what you're looking for, and quickly.

  1. Either/or. Google normally searches for pages that contain all the words you type in the search box, but if you want pages that have one term or another (or both), use the OR operator -- or use the "|" symbol (pipe symbol) to save you a keystroke. [dumb | little | man]

  2. Quotes. If you want to search for an exact phrase, use quotes. ["dumb little man"] will only find that exact phrase. [dumb "little man"] will find pages that contain the word dumb and the exact phrase "little man".

  3. Not. If you don't want a term or phrase, use the "-" symbol. [-dumb little man] will return pages that contain "little" and "man" but that don't contain "dumb".

  4. Similar terms. Use the "~" symbol to return similar terms. [~dumb little man -dumb] will get you pages that contain "funny little man" and "stupid little man" but not "dumb little man".

  5. Wildcard. The "*" symbol is a wildcard. This is useful if you're trying to find the lyrics to a song, but can't remember the exact lyrics. [can't * me love lyrics] will return the Beatles song you're looking for. It's also useful for finding stuff only in certain domains, such as
    educational information: ["dumb little man" research *.edu].

  6. Advanced search. If you can't remember any of these operators, you can always use Google's advanced search.

  7. Definitions. Use the "define:" operator to get a quick definition. [define:dumb] will give you a whole host of definitions from different sources, with links.

  8. Calculator. One of the handiest uses of Google, type in a quick calculation in the search box and get an answer. It's faster than calling up your computer's calculator in most cases. Use the +, -, *, / symbols and parentheses to do a simple equation.

  9. Numrange. This little-known feature searches for a range of numbers. For example, ["best books 2002..2007] will return lists of best books for each of the years from 2002 to 2007 (note the two periods between the two numbers).

  10. Site-specific. Use the "site:" operator to search only within a certain website. [ leo] will search for the term "leo" only within this blog.

  11. Backlinks. The "link:" operator will find pages that link to a specific URL. You can use this not only for a main URL but even to a specific page. Not all links to an URL are listed, however.

  12. Vertical search. Instead of searching for a term across all pages on the web, search within a specialized field. Google has a number of specific searches, allowing you to search within blogs, news, books, and much more:

  13. Movies. Use the "movie:" operator to search for a movie title along with either a zip code or U.S. city and state to get a list of movie theaters in the area and show times.

  14. Music. The "music:" operator returns content related to music only.

  15. Unit converter. Use Google for a quick conversion, from yards to meters for example, or different currency: [12 meters in yards]

  16. Types of numbers: Google algorithms can recognize patterns in numbers you enter, so you can search for:

    • Telephone area codes

    • Vehicle ID number (US only)

    • Federal Communications Commission (FCC) equipment numbers (US only)

    • UPC codes

    • Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) airplane registration number (US only)

    • Patent numbers (US only)

    • Even stock quotes (using the stock symbol) or a weather forecast regarding the next five days

  17. File types. If you just want to search for .PDF files, or Word documents, or Excel spreadsheets, for example, use the "filetype:" operator.

  18. Location of term. By default, Google searches for your term throughout a web page. But if you just want it to search certain locations, you can use operators such as "inurl:", "intitle:", "intext:", and "inanchor:". Those search for a term only within the URL, the title,
    the body text, and the anchor text (the text used to describe a link).

  19. Cached pages. Looking for a version of a page the Google stores on its own servers? This can help with outdated or update pages. Use the "cached:" operator.

  20. Answer to life, the universe, and everything. Search for that phrase, in lower case, and Google will give you the answer.

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JetBlue adding real-time flight tracking using Google Maps!

Low-cost American airline JetBlue announced yesterday they have struck a deal with search giant Google to provide the familiar Google Maps software on the seat-back screens to map the flight's route in real-time. Family and friends will also be able to pull up and track any flight via the same Google Maps interface.

In celebration of the deal, JetBlue is running a contest called "JetBlue Point of View." All you have to do to enter is take a picture from the window of any JetBlue flight between June 4th and September 3rd and email it to Winners will be selected based on "aesthetic presentation, creativity, design, and audience appeal" on September 10th, and the top ten photos selected will earn their taker two free round-trip tickets to and from anywhere JetBlue flies.

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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Six ways to write more comprehensible code

As a developer, time is your most valuable resource. These six tips on how to write maintainable code are guaranteed to save you time and frustration: one minute spent writing comments can save you an hour of anguish.

Tip 1: Comment like a smart person.
Tip 2: Use #define a lot. No, a LOT.
Tip 3: Don't use variable names that will mock you.
Tip 4: Do error checking. You make errors. Yes, you.
Tip 5: "Premature optimization is the root of all evil."
Tip 6: Don't be too clever by half.

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Google Gears (BETA): Enabling Offline Web Applications

Google Gears (BETA) is an open source browser extension that enables web applications to provide offline functionality using the following JavaScript APIs:

Store and serve application resources locally
Store data locally in a fully-searchable relational database
Run asynchronous Javascript to improve application responsiveness

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